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Na Na Chart Baan Kruit

  ...located in Phrachuap Khiri Khan province along a private beach in a small town called "Baan Kruit" is only 10 minutes from Baan Kruit railway station. It's easily reached by bus or train, approximately 4 - 5 hours from Bangkok. It is the ideal place for people who seek a quite place to relax, walk on a white sand beach and a refreshing swim.


   Accommodations vary from large private air-conditioned or fan rooms with private modern-style bath, hot shower, and full facilities (for one, two or up to five people) to shared dormitory-style rooms.

    Outdoor activities such as snorkeling, swimming, canoeing, mountain biking at our YHA camping area (Kaon water falls) and more are available. A two-day stay is recommended for travelers who wish to enjoy outdoor activities and some sightseeing of the surrounding attractions.

Thaican Review

    If you you are looking for a relaxing and affordable resort with a short walk to the beach, then you have found it. You will enjoy the comforts of home in Thailand created by the friendly staff and prompt service offered at Na Na Chart Baan Kruit. The resort offers you a choice of accommodations from large family bungalows to single-person cabins. Book early. Get away from the over crowded noisy resorts.

Service: very good
English speaking staff: very good

Na Na Chart Baan Kruit
123 Baan Kruit, Koh Tahom Rd,
Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand  or

Bangkok Office: 662-259-6908-9
Mobile Phone: 661-839-6857, 669-121-6857,
663-261-9103, 663-269-5525


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The Rich Baan Kruit

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