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Physical Therapy Clinic

Mahidol University


The Physical Therapy Clinic is part of the Faculty of Physical Therapy and Applied Movement Science (PTMS) of Mahidol University. The clinic is designed for physical therapeutic treatments by licensed therapists and for the educational training of physical therapy students in undergraduate and graduate programs.

     The four areas of service include the musculoskeletal system, neurological system, paediatrics, and ergonomics.   

    The services consist of the instruction, treatment, and rehabilitation for patients who have musculoskeletal or neurological problems as well as to activate children's development.   



     In addition, suggestions of proper methods for adjusting to the workplace are included in the services offered.


    The excellent services and effective treatments are the clinical objectives. The patients can see the therapists directly for assessment, diagnosis, and therapy.

     The therapeutic methods are based on physical therapy theories and are applied according to the individual factors of patients' requirements.

The methods are not routine and are designed to help patients get healthy and to regain the best quality of life possible.

Sports -
physical therapy

     Professional and "weekend" athletes can have similar diagnoses, but may require different physical therapy and the appropriate rehab that will create a smooth transition back to the demands required of their body to achieve the level of performance desired. Therapists consider the environment that the athletes compete in before undergoing treatment.

Presently, physical therapy in sports is included in musculoskeletal service.

Clinic hours
Monday - Friday
8 - 11.30 AM. and 1 - 7 PM.,
Saturday 9 AM. - 4 PM.

192/2 Somdej Pra Pinklao Rd.,
Bangplad, Bangkok, Thailand, 10700
phone: 024337098-9
fax: 024337090



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