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Own a home in Paradise!

The Rich Baan Kruit

     Baan Kruit is an unexploited coastal area of Thailand. Its long beach is well known as one of the east coast's finest white-sand beaches. There are several seafood restaurants where you can enjoy an inexpensive meal.



    With a beautiful mountain backdrop, the beach and the sea are only 70 metres away. The one and two-bedroom homes at The Rich Bann Kruit are very affordable and roomy.

     The Rich Baan Kruit village contains 18 new homes, of two styles, on an area of 11,000 sq. metres of prime land. Lot sizes vary between 235 - 332 sq. metres.


  Within the village, residents can enjoy a dip in the 24-metre long private pool and relax amid beautiful landscapes of gardens with coconut, palm, and mango trees as well as many other interesting tropical plants. 

   If you  think it sounds attractive already, consider a traffic free village. There are no cars in the village; only bicycles and walking. The only vehicle you will see is the golf cart that will provide you and your family a courtesy drive to your home.


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