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Thai Food - Important Terms

"Kaeng" means curries and soups

means stir fried

means a spicy salad that can be sweet and/or sour

means fried,

or "Yang" means grilled

"Krueng Jim"
means condiments: spicy shrimp paste,
spicy mango paste, shrimp paste, anchovy paste, and sweet bean paste

"Krueng Kiang"
means side dishes: Khai Kem (salted eggs),
Pla Kem (salted fish), Nua Kem (salted beef),
pickled cucumber, pickled ginger and pickled garlic

Popular Favorites

Fried noodles Thai-style, (Pad Thai)
Sticky Rice, (Khao Neeo)
Spicy Fish Cakes, (Tod Man Pla)
Sour Spicy Isaan-style Meat, (Naem Sod)
Fried wide noodles in sweet sauce, (Pad siew)
Coconut milk soup with chicken, (Tom kha gai)
Piquant prawn soup with lemon grass, (Tom yum koong)
breakfast rice soup with shrimp, (Khao tom koong)
Thai -style stir fried vegetables, (Pad pak ruam mit)
Thai -style prawn and pineapple curry. (Kaeng Khua Saparot)
Chicken satay with peanut sauce, (Satay gai)
Panang curry with chicken, (Panang gai)
Spicy chicken salad with toasted rice, (Larb gai)
Spicy beef salad, (Yum neua)
Waterfall beef salad with toasted rice, (Neua nam tok)
Stir Fried Vegetables and Tofu, (Pad Phak Taohu)
ice cream made from coconut milk

Main course
chicken and lemon grass, (Gai sai takrai)
chicken stir-fried with green curry, (Gai pad khiaowan)
spicy chicken salad with toasted rice, (Larb gai)
drunken chicken wings, (Peek gai mao daeng)
ginger chicken, (Gai pad khing)
green chicken curry w/eggplant, (Gaeng khiao wan gai )
green chicken curry, (Gaeng khiao wan gai )
masaman chicken, (Gaeng masaman gai)
Northern Thai beef curry. (Gaeng hanglay)
Northern Thai sausage, (Sai qua)
panang curry with chicken, (Panang gai)
pork with galangal, (Kha mu)
red chicken curry, (Gaeng ped gai)
barbeque chicken, (Gai yang)
barbequed beef, (Seua rong hai)
barbeque pork with lemon grass, (Mu yang takrai)
beef flambe, (Neua pad kimao)
charcoal broiled beef in hot and sweet sauce, (Neua yang)
beef salad, (Yum neua)
Lao style beef salad. (Pra neua)
cashew chicken, (Gai pad med mamuang himaphan)
chicken casserole, (Gai kaeng)
chicken and veggies, (Gai pad prik)
chicken with holy basil, (Gai pad gaprao)
chili beef, (Pad prik neua)
curry without tears, (Kaeng sai mai rong hai)
Isaan style sausages, (Sai grog tod)
Northeastern Thai pork salad, (Yum mu Isaan)
papaya salad, (Som tam)
style pork with peanut sauce, (Phraram long song)
pepper steak, (Neua pad prik)
stir fried pork, (Pad ped mu)
stir fried vegetables, (Pad phak ruam mit)
sweet and sour spareribs, (See klong prio wan)
vegetable curry, (Khaeng pak)
vegetables in coconut sauce, (Phak tom kati)
waterfall beef with toasted rice, (Neua nam tok)
Roasted Duck & Red Curry, (Kaeng Phed Ped Yang)

Rice & Noodles

Sticky Rice, (Khao Neeo)
Fried Sticky Rice, (Kao Neeo Tod)
Chiang Mai curry noodles, :(Khao soi)
chicken and rice, (Khao man gai)
crispy stir fried noodles, (Mee krob)
fried rice with prawns and egg, (Khao pad goong sai khai)
stir fried rice and pineapple, (Khao pad sapparot)
stir fried wide rice noodles, (Pad siew)
hot noodles Korat style, (Pad mee Korat ped)
noodles soup with pork, (Yam wunsen sai mu)
red pork with rice, (Khao mu daeng)
fried noodles, (Pad Thai)
Thai style wide noodles in thick sauce, (Kuatiao radna)

Stir-fried squash and mushrooms, (Phak thong phat het)
Son in law eggs, (Khai look koei)
Bananas in Sticky Rice, (Khao Tom Mad)
Vegetables with tofu dip, (Pak namjim tofu)

beef noodles soup, (Kuaitiao neua)
coconut milk soup with chicken, (Tom kha gai)
ginger chicken soup, (Tom khing gai)
chicken soup, (Kaeng djuut wonsen gai)
sweet and sour chicken soup, (Kaeng som gai)
fish sour soup, (Gaeng som pla)
vegetables soup, (Kaeng liang)
breakfast rice soup with shrimp, (Khao tom koong)
vegetable stew, (Tom jabchai)
Piquant prawn soup with lemon grass, (Tom yum koong)
Vegetables in Coconut Milk, (Phak Tom Kati)
Sour and Spicy Mushroom Soup, (Tom Yum Het)
poultry soup with pickled lime, (Ped toon manaow dong)

Thai chili sauce (very spicy, delicious sauce!), (Nam prik kiga)
Thai special dipping sauce, (Nam prik narok)
Thai sweet and sour sauce, (Nam jim priao wan)
Spicy pork and tomato dip with veggies, (Nam Prik Ong)

curried crab claws, (Bu pad phong kari)
catfish coconut soup, (Tom kha pladuk)
deep fried fish with garlic sauce, (Pla kapng kimao)
curried squid, (Plamuk pad ped)
chili sauce with wonton shrimp rolls, (Nam prik kiga)
Thai style crab and onion, (Bu pad hom yai)
seafood salad, (Yam talay)
fish custard, (Haw mukh)
fish in chili , (Pla rad prik)
three flavors fish, (Pla lat)
Thai style fried mussels, (Hoi tod)
grilled fish, (Pla pao)
hot yellow fish curry, (Gaeng Lueng)
spicy catfish, (Pad ped pladuk)
steamed crab, (Bu ja)
steamed fish with ginger and mushrooms, (Pla nung khing sai het)
Stir-fried squid in chile, (Plamuk pad namprik pao)
Thai style fried fish, (Pla jian)
Thai-style sushi. (Pla kung)
sweet and sour fish, (Kraphong khao priao wan)
prawn and pineapple curry, (Kaeng khua sapparot)
sour fish soup, (Kaeng som phak bung prik sod kab pla)
Fried Clams in Roasted Chile Paste, (Hoy Lai Ped)
Stir Fried Tamarind Shrimp, (Goong Pad Nam Makham Piek)
Stir-Fried Fish in Red Curry, (Pad Ped Pla)
Stir-fried Catfish in Red Curry, (Pladuk Pad Ped)

Appetizers / Dessert
Thai Pancake (Kanom Kroke)
Golden Thai Pastry Cups, (Kratong Tong)
Black Sticky Rice with Sweet Coconut Milk, (Khao Neeo Dahm)
Sticky Rice with Mango, (Khao Neeo Mamuang)
Miang Kham (Meang Kam)
fruit dip, (Nam jim polamai)
Sticky Rice Steeped in Coconut Milk, (Khao Neeo Moon)
Mock Bean Pods with Shrimp Filling, (Khanom Thua Paep)
Green Mango with Sweet Fish Sauce, (Mamuang Nampla Wan)
Sweet Coconut Bananas, (Kluay Namuan)
Fried Bananas, (Kluay Tod)
Bananas in Sticky Rice, (Khao Tom Mad)
Rice Balls in Coconut Milk, (Bua Loi)
Fried Thai pastry balls with tamarind-garlic sauce, (Bayia)
Sun-Dried Beef, (Neua Dad Deo)
Spicy Fried Cashew Nuts, (Yum Met Mamuang Himaphan)
Spicy Corn Cakes, (Todman Khao Phot)

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